The seventh in the series of Speech Production Seminars will be held in Ubatuba-SP, Brazil on December 13th to 15th, 2006. This edition follows a series started in Grenoble (1988), Leeds (1990), Old Saybrook (1993), Autrans (1996), Kloster Seeon (2000) and Sydney (2003).

The comprehension of speech production requires knowledge of several science fields, such as phonology, phonetics, linguistics, mechanics, acoustics, physiology, motor control, neuroscience and computer science. Scientists and researchers who are experts in one or some of these fields should also understand the contents of the remaining fields in order to analyze speech production in a broad and deep manner.

In this context, this series of international seminars on speech production, now in its 7th edition, represents a unique opportunity for professionals and graduate students with different backgrounds to present novel results and exchange ideas from several points of view. Thus, speech production data can be adequately analyzed and realistic models can be developed, so that the mechanisms that govern the production of human speech can be understood on a solid base and efficiently used.

Ubatuba is a town located in the northern coast of Sao Paulo, close to the State of Rio de Janeiro. The Recanto das Toninhas Hotel, located by the Toninhas beach, is conveniently close to the Sao Paulo International Airport of Guarulhos, but isolated from cities.

Certain that the participation of each one will contribute for the success of this event, we end this introductory message willing that all that come to the 7th ISSP have pleasant and productive days in Ubatuba. We are looking forward to seeing you in Brazil.

Hani Camille Yehia        Didier Demolin        Rafael Laboissiere
    Chairman                   Co-Chair              Program Chair

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